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Look at Me
20 April 2009

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Flowering by the Highway
3 December 2008

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My Goa Hat!
29 July 2008

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A Feast of Crows
18 June 2008

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Between your feet
5 June 2008

Recent Comments

Katalog Stron on Hard at Work
nice image,exellent compo,bravo

Sriraam Kalingarayar on Shine on Me
Nice...but wonder how it looked in colours too...

lydia on Look at Me
Great portrait !

lydia on Hard at Work
Delicat mouvement !

Bishop on Hard at Work
Lovely portrait of a man hard at work. The head area - it may be natural - but it feels a little bit burnt in. :)

Yvon on Hard at Work
great shot

Jean Jacques on Look at Me
Beautiful portrait! Good day, Extempore. jj@+

Ajay on Hard at Work
When are you posting your photos???

photo retouching on Hard at Work
beautiful black and white photo! Great composition too!

Bishop on Shine on Me
Great shots... (and I'm adding you to my blog watch list!)

Marie on My Goa Hat!
excellent, j'adore !

Eleftheria on The M V River Princess
Wonderful image!

Eleftheria on Look at Me
wow! Strong portrait!

Ajay on Hard at Work
Excellent in mono. Love the angle of the shot.

Ajay on Look at Me
Excellent portrait shot. Great tonal range as well.

Catherine on Look at Me
I like it !! the eyes are so special !!! nice shot !!!

mangAnto on Shine on Me
Perfect lights..

Ajay on Shine on Me
Marvelous perspective. And I like how the lights are shining on the structure.

k@ on Hiding Away
This is a beautiful portrait both of the boy and Historic place. Love the grain as well as the air of the boy ~ 

Ajay on Spiralling Up
What I like most this shot is the black and white tone. Of course, the composition is very good as well.

Ajay on Let me in!
A lovely composition of light and shadow.

john4jack on Walking into the Past
I envy you your incredible history and culture. Terrific shot.

Ajay on Walking into the Past
So far the best in the series. Exquisite composition and excellent framing.

Catherine on Sepia Shadows
that 's what I'm dreaming to visit !! beautiful !!

Ajay on Sepia Shadows
The sepia tone is looking so authentic on this structure. One of your best shots.

Ajay on Arjuna's Ratha
Sometimes it's difficult to decide what to complement. The shot or what's in the shot. This usually happens ...

Ajay on Bhima's Ratha at Mahabalipuram
Stunning perspective and the colour tone fits so well.

Ajay on Building Upwards
Excellent composition of just a part of the structure.

siamak on My Goa Hat!
I like your gray photos more than the colour one but this one is spesial one.. good colours , good feeling.

siamak on Windows Out
I like your composotions...

siamak on Lighthouse Ahoy!
The composition is perfect, with good grays...

Ajay on Lighthouse Ahoy!
A gem of a shot. Simply exquisite.

Ajay on Weighing My Options
The black and white tone is maintained so very well.

Ajay on Growling!
Welcome back, Extempore. I really love this shot in mono tone. Hope to more of such shots soon. :-)

Saurabh on Nala Park at Koregoan Park, Pune II
Its been a long time since i went there maybe this time I'll go there with my camera.

Saurabh on Asleep II
Really cute ...

Saurabh on Break on Through
So cute

Saurabh on Sunset at Britto's - II
framed ... not frames

Saurabh on Sunset at Britto's - II
very well frames

Saurabh on Sunset over Moti Daman
Beautiful . . . well shot

Ajay on Windows Out
Good thinking for putting them black and white. One more visit with the DSLR is needed now. Don't you think?

Ajay on Sunset over Moti Daman
Beautiful colours and very smooth tones of everything... water, land and sky.

EYES WIDE SHUT on Sunset over Moti Daman
Utterly enchanting. Beautifully captured

Eleftheria! on Sunset over Moti Daman
Lovely! Happy 2009!

Suzanne on Sunset over Moti Daman
Stunning photograph. The tiny boat and flock of birds on the right create a nice balance.

Ajay on Jampore Beach, Daman
The tone is really good... It's not purely black and white. Is it? But more importantly, I like the abstract ...

Ajay on Jampore Beach, Daman
Good to have some nice shots from you, finally. -) I hope they will keep on coming now.

Steve Rice on Chinese Fishing Nets, Fort Kochi
Cool shot.

Morgane on Chinese Fishing Nets, Fort Kochi
awesome !

Vincent Lam on Chinese Fishing Nets, Fort Kochi
Nice mood!

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